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About me

I am Erik Retallick, born on 16th. February, 1955. I live in Eastbourne, East Sussex and am a freelance musician, teacher of various musical instruments, including piano, organ, keyboard, guitar, violin and viola. l also teach music theory and help youngsters with GCSE O and A level tutoring.  I have a wide knowledge of different musical genres and try to tailor my teaching to different requirements, whether you want to play like Elton John, Eric Clapton or Yehudi Menuhin! Some even like to emulate the music of Slipknot or Muse. 

Other Musical Services

In addition to teaching music I am available for piano accompaniment, piano, organ or keyboard entertainment. I also do church organ playing 0n a freelance basis, but don't expect me to become your church MD, organist or choir master. I've been there, done it and have the bruises to show!


If you look at my other page, it will tell you more about the other areas of work I am now being led into. If you have any question, require advice, a listening ear or would like to also become involved in any of these causes, I would love to hear from you.
I have been working for 23 years as a full-time musician and teach ages 6 to 106, up to and above Grade 8 standard on some instruments. A great deal of research has been carried out recently into the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument. One research paper concluded that it enhances brain development and I have often found it is beneficial to those who have learning difficulties, dyslexia, and suffer with other similar conditions.
In my teaching the emphasis is primarily to enable people to read music and enjoy music making. If required, I will prepare and enter students for examinations, usually with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. This can often focus the attention of the student and acts as a yardstick to measure progress.

If you have any musical questions or would like to know more about any of the musical services I offer, please contact me on You can also ask questions about my blogs at the same email address or make any comments on my blog page. Try and keep any comments polite and inoffensive if you feel strongly about my views.

I look forward to getting to know you. You can also contact me on Skype ID erik.retallick, Facebook: Erik Retallick, Twitter :erikallan123, Faith Book: Erik Retallick, MySpace:Erik Retallick